Subjects & Definitions 2022

Date Images are due to Print StewardMeeting Night
1st FebruarySmall PrintsOpen
Large Colour PrintsOpen
Digital ImagesColourful Objects
1st February1st MarchSmall PrintsNumbers
Monochrome PrintsOpen
Digital ImagesOpen
1st March5th AprilSmall PrintsOpen
Large Colour PrintsOpen
Digital ImagesImage taken from above
5th April3rd MaySmall PrintsWheels
Monochrome PrintsFog &/or Mist
Digital ImagesOpen
3rd May7th JuneSmall PrintsOpen
Large Colour PrintsOpposites
Digital ImagesHands
7th June5th JulySmall PrintsGreen & Gold
Monochrome PrintsOpen
Digital ImagesAstro
5th July2nd AugustSmall PrintsOpen
Large Colour PrintsLong Exposure
Digital ImagesOpen
2nd August6th SeptemberSmall PrintsNative Animal/s
Large Colour PrintsInterclub Subject PCC –
Digital ImagesOpen
6th September4th OctoberMonochrome PrintsOpen
Monochrome PrintsInterclub Subject CCC –
Digital ImagesOpen
4th October1st NovemberSmall PrintsOpen
Large Colour PrintsOpen
Digital ImagesInterclub Subject WCC –
1st November6th DecemberANNUAL AWARDS


COLOURFUL OBJECTS:We want you to capture those shiny colours & get creative with them. From your favorite chocolate or candy to pink floating flamingos: show us how you use your photo techniques to creatively capture colour.

NUMBERS: Your photo must have numbers in it as the point of interest. From the billboards in towns/cities to objects you have at home show us how you capture them in a creative way.

IMAGE TAKEN FROM ABOVE: The photograph must have been taken with the camera directly above the subject.

WHEELS: An image featuring a wheel or wheels or parts there-of.

FOG &/OR MIST: A photo depicting fog or mist or a combination of both.

OPPOSITES: Opposites give us visual contrast & when the two objects contrast in a big way they give the viewer something to think about….. let you imagination go wild….

HANDS: A Photo featuring one or more hands preferably in a story telling pose & lit to show good skin texture or to convey the mood of the story.

GREEN & GOLD: A photo with the main point of interest to be in the green & Gold colours.

ASTRO: Astro photography is the art of shooting astronomical or celestial objects. Simply taking a photograph of an object in space, whether it’s with a point & shoot camera, space Telescope or another type of camera.

LONG EXPOSURE: Long exposure or slow-shutter photography involves using a long duration shutter speed to sharply capture the stationary elements of images while blurring, smearing or obscuring the moving elements.

NATIVE ANIMAL/S: A photo of a Native Animal or more than one. Humans are to be excluded.