Subjects & Definitions 2023



LIFE AT SEA: An image which is taken either on the beach or in the ocean. May include ships etc. on the ocean or moored. People/Animals on the beach or water, shells, birds etc.

FRAME WITHIN A FRAME: A frame within a frame is Photography composition technique. Within the four sided frame of the photograph, another frame enhances the composition. It could be an actual frame like a window frame. Doors can make interesting frames.

CHILD PORTRAIT: A Portrait of a single child or children which may range from a formal head & shoulder shot to the whole child/children either passive or in some form of activity.

SPORTS ACTION: A picture featuring a person or people participating in some form of sporting event.

3 COLOURS: The print should be predominately of three distinct colours.

OLD TECHNOLOGY OF THE PAST: The print should depict an item/s from the past which is now obsolete and replaced with modern technology.

STILL LIFE IN LIQUID & COLOUR: Anything can be in the image as long as it is NOT living. An arrangement in natural or an artificial setting using Liquid and Colour. An Inanimate object/s

PATTERNS: An arrangement of subjects, shapes or colour, which is interesting or aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

LANDSCAPE: A picture featuring the natural scenery of the terrain. Must include foreground, middle scenery, & section of sky. People are excluded.


INTERCLUB DPI: Shapes in Nature: Shapes which occur naturally in Nature, which has not been created, altered or manmade.

INTERCLUB MONOCHROME PRINT: Drink(s): The image needs to be predominantly of a drinking container or containers such as a glass, a bottle or a cup. Basically anything that holds liquid and that can be held and drunk from  and can be held in one hand. The drink object(s) does need to be dominant within the image but can contain other elements. 

INTERCLUB LARGE COLOUR: Dark and Moody: Where the light and composition combine with the subject to create an image that generates an emotional response from the viewer and often gives a dramatic, mysterious or sombre feeling.